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Vasilis & Nick with their cameras

We are a two-man passionate team who happened to “Click” together on a mission to bring your memories to life. We love photography and try to learn something new everyday. We believe in the power of visuals. It's a language we use to see into each others lives, one frame at a time.

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A magic tour in Boudapest

Budapest is one of those cities that constantly ranks in various Top 10 lists. After seeing so many amazing pictures, I finally decided to visit the capital city of Hungary.

With stunning architecture, refreshing thermal baths, and a culture that can be unique, Budapest lives up to its reputation. Budapest, the beautiful city on the Danube ,The capital city of Hungary . It’s a city I’ve never heard anything bad about.

There is so much to do in Budapest and it can be hard to know from where to begin. Whether you’re in the city for a few days or much longer, these plans will help you to fill your trip with truly memorable experiences.

I spent four days in the city of Budapest during Christmas. All those days I was waking up with the joy of a child, I couldn’t wait to pick up my camera and wander the streets in order to capture as best as I could the unique beauty of this city.