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Vasilis & Nick with their cameras

We are a two-man passionate team who happened to “Click” together on a mission to bring your memories to life. We love photography and try to learn something new everyday. We believe in the power of visuals. It's a language we use to see into each others lives, one frame at a time.

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Argiris & Domna – An ordinary walk in the historical center of Athens

Shooting a pre-wedding session is always a new challenge. A challenge to capture with a unique and special way all those feelings and moments. We always choose to have a small chat with our couples in order to know them better and through this process to choose the way, the place and the style of their session.

From the first moment that we met Argiri and Domna in our studio for their wedding, it was like we were friends for years, they were so cooperative and friendly. Two young people that are truly in love with each other but also in love with photography……The only thing that they asked us was to capture their moments in our own way, nothing more……nothing less.

For their pre-wedding session, we decided to capture through our lenses, an ordinary day for both of them in the city that they live and work in the recent years………..the city of Athens.

One thing that we love in photography is to capture candid moments, moments full of emotions and pure love, we asked them to pretend that we weren’t there and to enjoy a Sunday walk in the historical center of Athens, Acropolis, Thiseio and Plaka