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Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments

and moments are not just a click

Moments are forever, moments are unique



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Whatever service you require, personal or commercial alike, we will tell your story the way it deserves to be told.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s what we are trying to achieve through our art. We specialize in story telling with a special and unique way each time.

We believe that by capturing candid moments, we are truly capturing pure emotions such as real love…………..in other words, we are “capturing” your soul.

Photo shooting a mother to be is more than just a click. It is emotions, it is a “living” frame………….. it is life. Our goal is to capture all these things through our lenses and make it unforgettable

Architectural photo shooting is like a portal to another world. By looking through our lenses we discover the story, the techniques, the materials and the color pallet that an architect used in order to bring his thoughts and imaginations to life. 

We specialize in Professional Photography for E-Shop, Advertising & Printed Catalogs. With our experience, we offer the Best Possible Result. We guarantee a unique style for each of our customers.

MoreThanClick Photography provides high-level integrated and effective advertising services such as Corporate videos, product videos and Advertising spots.

Through our personal projects, we are trying to present you through our eyes the beauty that surrounds us and sometimes we are struggling to find it.   

Travel & Street Photography

We also travel a lot. With each journey, we create new memories and capture them in our photos.

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Why Choose Us

Photography is a language we use to see into each others lives, one frame at a time.

Together we can make art, we can create, we can be bold, we can laugh. Together we can tell your story the way it deserves to be told.



We act with the utmost integrity which encompasses the highest standards of professional conduct, honesty, ethics.



We believe in respectful and professional behavior toward the people with whom we come in contact.



We strive to achieve high standards of professional expertise by maintaining and improving your knowledge.



Persistence is a virtue. Keep trying. The most important goal is to build a strong body of work.

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