Personal Photography

The beauty that surrounds us

The busier we get and the more commitments we have, the harder it can become to take quality time off. We’ll go into the weekend or our much longed-for vacation, Phone in hand and laptop at the ready-just in case we need to deal with any emergencies. Time off becomes “time to get all those little tasks that keep slipping down the list done and dusted”, instead of the relaxation break it’s supposed to be. When it comes to taking quality time off, the problem doesn’t lie so much what we what we have to do, but with ourselves and our mindset. The more we become used to spending our evenings, weekends and vacations with our minds still at work, the harder it becomes to truly separate out work from personal time and take quality time off.

Taking regular breaks to switch off, relax and recharge is an important part of self-care. It helps us return to our everyday lives with renewed energy, a shifted perspective and a greater capacity to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

Through our personal projects, that occur when we have quality time on our own just by traveling around the world, we are trying to present you through our eyes the beauty that surrounds us and sometimes we are struggling to find.