Christening Photography
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Christening Photography & Video

Make your special moments last forever

Hi, We are Bill and Nick. We are a two-man passionate team who happened to “Click” together on a mission to bring your memories to life.

We love photography and try to learn something new everyday. We believe in the power of the visuals.

It’s a language we use to see into each others lives, one frame at a time. Together we can make art, we can create, we can be bold, we can laugh. Together we can tell your christening story how it deserves to be told.

Our style is unique, artistic & alternative. Our creativity stems from our love for photography and our will to differentiate from trivial. On your baptism day you may find us holding a prism or a crystal sphere in front of our lenses, even a mobile phone screen, trying to find the best reflection out of nowhere in order to achieve something unusual and artistic.

You may find us shooting in double exposures, motion blur photos and constantly playing around with light.

Our goal is that your photos will be entertaining as your baptism day.

Our “mission” is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the beauty in an unconventional environment. We believe that by capturing candid moments, we are truly capturing pure emotions such as real love ……….. in other words, we are “capturing” your soul.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s what we are trying to achieve through our art. We specialize in story telling with a special and unique way each time.

Our “secret recipe” is our commitment in our goal, which is doing our best and making the best effort while being discreet, in order to let you enjoy every moment of your baby’s baptism without being noticed.

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For enquiries please feel free to book an appointment. We will be More Than Happy to meet and discuss with you all the details about your baptism, in order to bring all your memories to life with our special way.