Architectural Photography & Video

Architectural Photography & Video

Architectural Photography & Architectural Video

Before we even started doing architectural photo shootings professionally, the spark and love for modern or ancient architecture was already in our hearts. While traveling around the globe and being amazed by architecture wonders, gave birth to our passion about interior and exterior design.

Architecture surrounds us everyday and is essential to our lives. By browsing the pages of Freshome magazine to architectural wonders around us it is obvious that architecture is a part of our everyday routine.

We draw our passion from modern architects such as Tom Wright, Renzo Piano, Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel and Zaha Hadid to classic ones such as Antoni Gaudi, Michelangelo di Buonarroti Simoni, Ustas Ahmad Lahauri, or even Iktinos, Callicrates. Architects that taught us to approach buildings and sculptures not like lifeless objects but like a living “model” that comes to life through our lenses.

Architectural photo shooting is like a portal to another world. By looking through our lenses we discover the story, the techniques, the materials and the color palette that an architect used in order to bring his thoughts and imaginations to life.

It requires a great knowledge, high end equipment and technique mastering in order to achieve the exact color matching, the imprint of textures and materials and last but not least the ability to visualize the architect’s ideas.

That’s why, on our free time, we like to spend hours on studying architectural magazines, discussing ideas and exchanging thoughts with some of our beloved architect friends such as Pouspourikas Ioannis and Aristarhos Pampoukas.

Through our eight years of experience with architecture photography and videography, we are More Than Proud to say that we gained expertise on interior and exterior photography and videography of retail stores, hotels, real estate and Airbnb.

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